5 Techy Upgrades to Modernize Your Bathroom

The world may be not be the only thing getting more high-tech: your bathroom could be receiving an upgrade as well. From Bluetooth connections to towel-warming drawers, your restroom just became a little more interesting. If you want to revolutionize your shower time or morning rituals, these innovative technologies are must-have accessories.

Waterproof Television

For the highest level of extravagance, a waterproof television is exactly what you need. Catch up on all of the latest shows while you take a steaming bath or long shower. These televisions are designed to work in steamy, heated environments, so they are the perfect addition to your bathroom. You can customize the size of the television and the installation height. For an even more intense experience, you can install surround sound systems in the bathroom for a complete immersion in the show.

Waterproof Television Bathroom

Cold Feet Are a Thing of the Past

As you tiptoe across the cold floor in the morning, your only thought is to get into the warmth of the shower. Ease into your morning by installing heated floors. Although this technology is actually fairly old, it has only recently become cheap enough to be used in most bathrooms. To enjoy an even warmer experience, add in a towel-warming drawer.

heated floors Bathroom

Showering With Bluetooth and Stored Shower Settings

There are shower heads available that are Bluetooth enabled. This means that you are able to listen to hours of music or podcasts while taking your morning shower. If music does not interest you, the digital showerheads might. Currently, there are several showerheads on the market that let you choose your ideal settings. You can select the water pressure and temperature that you like best. Better yet, you can turn on the shower remotely from the comfort of a warm bed.

Showering With Bluetooth  Bathroom

Bathtubs With LED Lights

Bathing just became the hippest way to spend your weekend. For a luxurious, chic look, have LED lights installed around your bathtub. These lighting kits are offered in a variety of colors to make your bathing experience really pop.

Bathtubs With LED Lights

Lighting Systems

With a wireless lighting system, you can control the bulbs, colors, temperature and intensity of your lights from an iPad or iPhone. This means that you can turn on the lights for a warmer bathroom while you are still in bed. It also allows you to choose settings for a relaxing bath or an energizing light recipe for your morning shower. To learn more about how you can modernize your bathroom please visit http://langskitchens.com/

Lighting Systems    Bathroom