Five Man-Cave Must Haves to Improve Your Home

 Do you actually use your garage for storing your car at night? If you are like most Houston home owners, your car never sees the inside of a garage from one year to the next. After all, how could you fit it in if you have already changed it over into your own Man-Cave, complete with beer barrel for impromptu get-togethers?

While most garage roll up doors Houston sees hide a perfectly good room behind them, none of us are about to give up that space for more car storage. But just in case you aren’t through tweaking that space to fit your vision of what the perfect male getaway space should be, we have a few ideas to add to your Christmas wish list.

Beer Keg Lights

These would actually be pretty easy to make yourself. You would first have to talk the local pub into selling you a few of their aluminum kegs. If you can get ones with your favorite beer labels all the better. Then just wire them up with an overhead light fixture and arrange where you want them in your room. If you want to get really fancy you could add in some chandeliers made from old beer bottles. Who says that a Man-Cave can’t have a bit of class?

Hammock is Must Have

There are few things that scream out, hey I am relaxing here, as a hammock. I think everyone should have one but especially in your own little domain like the garage. If you are a bit adventurous you could make a killer wooden frame from two by fours and metal hooks and create a hammock that is huge and super comfy. If your ceilings are high you can even hang this above the workbench to give you a big bouncy view of everyone below. Want to make it even more comfy? Add in a bean bag chair to the hammock and swing in true luxury!

The Movie Pit

If you love to hang out with your bros and watch movies, this is the perfect way to do it. The easy part is how quick you can make this by adding a simple platform to the room, with a pit to hang out and watch all the movies you could desire. Throw in a big mattress or bean bag and huge pillows for lounging. If you have room, maybe a little pit for beer while you are watching.

Bring On the Booze

Everyone knows you gotta have your drinks in the Man-Cave, so why not have some cool drink dispensers while you are at it? The coolest I have seen are using the pumps for soap to dispense Jack Daniels. You could also use the old fashion office water cooler and instead fill that water bottle with the beer of your choice. The trick is always to have it in a different and very easy to use dispenser.

Beer Bottle Glasses

If you have a glass cutter lying around, these are dead simple to make and look so very cool. Just cut off the necks of a handful of beer bottles and finish off the tops so you don’t cut yourself drinking. Each glass will show off the beer label. This works especially well with beer bottles that have the label printed directly on the glass.