Five Must-Haves for Luxury Homes Buyers

When it comes to the luxury home market, buyers are looking for something not only a bit more upscale then the rest of the market, but for specific extras. While most of us will only know the luxury homes market from watching our favorite television shows, many cities have specific areas that specialize in these upscale specialty homes. So what does the average buyer of an upscale and trendy home for the wealthy want? It can be something as simple as a specific zip code such as the famous 90210 in Beverly Hills, or even a famous home designer. But one thing is for certain, there are some things every luxury home should not be without.

Wide Open Space

Most designers of high end luxury homes agree that in today’s market an open plan with big vistas and lots of space is the route to go. This would include kitchens that flow into dining areas so that entertaining is effortless and huge bedroom suites that often include Jacuzzi tubs and walk in showers. The key here is to have space, so much space that you can almost feel lost in it. But then, when a home is thousands of square feet in size, big rooms are generally not much of a problem.

Pools, Jacuzzis and More

Almost any home that is considered a luxury home these days will have at the least a pool. Usually they are big, often they are custom designed and very frequently they are accompanied by a big outdoor Jacuzzi or hot tub as well. Some homes even have both an indoor and an outdoor pool, with a massage room next to the change rooms so guests can truly relax. These types of pools can be either for lazing about on a nice day or even a lap pool specifically designed for serious swimmers. The lap pools can even be what is commonly called an “endless pool”, one that is around six to ten feel in length with a built in current you swim against. Whatever type of pool is installed, you can add in the cost of cleaning and maintenance that makes them only for the wealthy.

Rooms for the Kids

These days the kids of the wealthy want more than just their own bedrooms, they want a game room for all the latest gadgets and probably even a separate home theater. The two rooms are designed to give the kids of the house a place to while away their time without bothering their parents, who may have their own private viewing room in their suite for watching adult films. Once these game rooms had held pinball machines or table tennis, nowadays expect them to have big flat screen televisions with all the bells and whistles for video game fun.

Outdoor Entertaining

Alongside that lovely pool, most of these homes expect to have a complete setup for entertaining out on the back patio. This would include a kitchen setup and barbeque that would rival most restaurants and plenty of space to sit around on either lounge chairs or even living room setups with outdoor couches and chairs. Big brick fireplaces have often been replaced by gleaming steel kitchens with perhaps a brick fire pit in the outdoor living room. Some back yard entertainment areas are bigger then most folk’s homes, so expect plenty of planning when it comes to entertainment outdoor areas.

As you can see, the rich live a very different life from the rest of us, and their homes reflect it. Whether it is open vistas of mountains or oceans, in home theatres or fancy endless lap pools, the rich live their own lifestyle. Just be grateful you don’t have to keep that big house clean!