Surplus Steel

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rld would I even buy surplus steel when I can just go buy regular steel inventory from somewhere why would I risk it being surplus? Are there any real benefits to buying a surplus counterpart? The answer is yes of course there is the true obvious one would be cost because the steel has been rebought the folks at Texas iron and metal can pass on the savings to you making able to purchase more material for your project at a better value. Not only that but buying surplus makes you more environment conscious as the carbon footprint you leave on the planet would be reduced from not having to mine the raw ore from the ground to the processing of said raw material into usable product to the fact that it is bought locally here in Houston for the most part, meaning even the shipping has gone down leaving with a better planet and a healthier conscience for the planet conscious individual.

In its vast majority of the material that the folks working at Texas iron and metal work with is locally procured though some materials are obtained from further distances. This is accomplished by buying from old building projects that have either been abandoned or finished and had excess material upon completing their projects. Other surplus steel is to be gotten from businesses that have gone out of business, the reason that the companies Texas iron and metal sell their metal isn’t because this metal is in bad shape as a matter of fact Texas iron and metal strives to only acquire metal that is in prime condition, the reason for them selling is in most cases to make back some of the revenue that would have been lost by having excess material in stock unnecessarily and also put that material to better use than being in storage waiting to be damaged and become unusable. Some of the material usually offered by Texas iron and Metal are, angle irons, steel channels, I-beams, bars, plates, sheet metal and pipes (though pipes for plumbing are recommended new)

If on the other hand you are by chance looking to be one of the people that provides surplus material to Texas iron and metal all you need to do is contact them and one of their specialists will help you right along and get you setup on how to sell us your surplus steel.

So if you a big project in mind and would like to make your money go further don’t be afraid to call the folks at Texas iron and metal so that they can help you out the customer service is unparalleled they can help you with incredibly fast shipping same day to most places in Houston, also the shipping costs will be waived for any order over four hundred dollars. Texas iron and metal will also cut any order to size to help reduce cost in both shipping and preparation costs for your convenience.