Two Examples of Home Improvement that Will Inspire You

Texas is a big state, peopled with homeowners who often have big ideas. Nowhere is this more evident then in Houston, where homes can often be lavish and ornate, as well as small and tidy. Now that the economy is finally on the uptick, many home owners are looking for new and inventive ways to make those homes more beautiful and increase their value.

Whether they are looking at some of the top Houston custom metal fabrication artists to design metal gates that astound or upgrade their kitchens to state of the art appliances, Texas home owners think big. It isn’t surprising that when it comes to making a statement in their homes, the folks of Houston have everyone else beat, hands down.

Doors and Windows – Redo not Replace

Many of the older homes that we have here in Houston are beautiful, even if they do need a bit of tender loving care. If you have one of these older treasures, don’t replace that old door, fix it up! Take it off, sand it down and find a great color to give that door impact. Put that old door up on a couple of sawhorses in the garage, sand it down to a fine new surface and then paint it slowly and lovingly with a new color that will make that first impression last.

So many of these older homes have solid wooden doors that can’t be found in today’s stock no matter what you are prepared to spend. So instead of simply replacing that front door that looks like it has been there for centuries, take it down, sand it and put it back up looking fresh and inviting!

With your windows, you may not be able to reuse the old wooden sashes when you upgrade to more weather-proofed windows. But you can save those wonderful old window frames and reuse them. Put them aside and when the time is right, use the weathered old sashes for picture frames that are spectacular. Just imagine creating a tapestry of old family photos from your grandparents in this beautiful weathered wooden frame! It is something that treasures the history of your home and your family together.

Skip Expensive Backsplashes with Wallpaper

If you are like many home owners who love to cook, a backsplash is an important part of your kitchen design. But putting in that tile can be expensive and a lot of work. Instead of using tile, why not look for some really knock-out wallpaper and varnish it once you have it in place? The trick is find a pattern that looks as far from a tile backsplash as possible, so that you don’t look like you are simply doing a cheap replacement. The most expensive wallpaper will be cheap in comparison because you only need a little to make a big impact.

Always remember to cut out a bigger piece of wallpaper than you actually need for your backsplash space. This will give you a section outside of your papered area to grip as you position that paper to exactly where you want it. After you have smoothed out the wallpaper and made sure all the bubbles are smoothed down, let the paper become tacky on the wall before trimming off the excess paper. This will give you an exact fit with little fuss.